What is Collaborative Law?

img-manosCollaborative Law is an innovative, collaborative and friendly alternative dispute resolution. Actually, it is a new way of understanding law practice and justice.

It is a process thah focuses on the needs and interests of the parties often hidden for themselves. We need to separate person fron te problem, managing emotions and relationships between the parties. The parties take part in the search and in the adoption of the agreed solution and really satisfying.

It is based on negotiating team between lawyers and their clients and other professionals (notaries, economists, social graduates, psychologists, psychiatrists, teachhers, coaches, mediators, arbitrators, terapists…). All of them may collaborate to achieve a long-term agreement, through creative solutions fron the values of respect, transparency, fairness and confidentiality. It is a process in which the parties are key players to find solutions.

For a successful process, maximun transparency and exchange of relevant information is required. So the parties must respect the confidenciality of the process. 

If an agreemet is not reached, collaborative lawyers involved in the process will not be able to litigate that matter at the courts.