Rights and duties of associates

Articles 29 and 30 of the bylaws establish the rights and duties of members of te Association which are the usual in these organizations:

Article 29.- Every associate has the right to:

1) Object to the agreements and actions opposed to the Associations Act or the Bylaws, within forty calendar days from the day on which the applicant had known, or had a chance to meet, the terms of the agreement challenged.
2) To be informed about the composition of the governing board and representation of the association, its statement of accounts and development of its activities.
3) Meet, at any time, the identity of other members of the Association, the statement of income and expenses, and the development of this activity, in the terms provided in the rules of the personal data protection act.
4) Be called to General Assemblies, attend them and exercise the right to speak and vote at General Meetings, being able to confer, for this purpose, their representation to other members.
5) Participate in accordance with this Bylaws, in the steering bodies of the Association, being elector and eligible for them.
6) Being included in the Associates file provided by law, and make use of the emblem of the Association, if any.
7) Have a copy of the Bylaws and Internal Regulations, if any, and submit requests and complaints to the steering bodies.
8) Participate in collective social events, and enjoy the elements for common use to the associates (clubhouse, libraries, etc.).
9) Be heard in writing, prior to disciplinary actions, and informed of the causes that motivate them that may only be based on the breach of their duties as associates.
10) Unsubscribe at any time, without prejudice to the pending compliance commitments. 

Article 30.- The duties of the associates:

Share the aims of the Association and contribute to its achievement. 
Pay fees and other contributions, which, under the bylaws, correspond to each associate,
Meet the rest of the obligations arising from the Bylaws.
Follow the agreements validly adopted by the Association governing bodies.
Help support the costs by paying fees established.
Any other duty established by the General Assembly by the board, by these Bylaws or the rules of application.